Test yourself in Modular Tower Defense created by gamers for gamers

This is Sci-fi Tower Defense created by gamers for gamers. Fight Epic battles with a variety of different towers. Defend your core to fight another day! Highly customizable towers with 5 basic elements and more than 31 unique modules. Find the best combination for your ultimate defense. Overcome incredible odds with strategy and wit!

The idea to create such a game come to us when we played a custom tower defense warcraft III maps, we are big fans of warcraft and gather a lot of inspiration from this universe. Also a big part of our team playing World of Warcraft, it is hard to find time for game development sometimes, but boosting services, like Boosthive helps with it, using their services we are able to skip boring parts of the game and have some free time on game developing.

Download Module Tower Defense now and enjoy the most challenging strategy game. With an unparalleled level of depth among other td games.

Download the game

Features of the game

80+ levels

Customize towers to fit your immediate needs.

Plan your defense carefully and adapt to the ever changing battlefield as the level transform itself during the battle

Vast amount of modular components that can give your tower additional unique effects such as income or splash or critical strike.

Find ultimate combos as Modules can amplify each other’s performance

Enemies have strange powers that can weaken and even disable your defenses to give you even more challenge

Elements – enhance damage against certain enemies

3 different skills that can give you yet another way to customize your defense

Change the level layout by building on the path

Beautiful graphics

Achievements – Get rewards and show off your tactical superiority!

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